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Oh no, you guys. As you may have heard, David Beckham was in a car accident over the weekend. Yikes. Celebrities. Their lives are hard, just like ours. This is exactly the sort of thing I was worried…   Read Story »
Here is a photo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly kissing each other at a basketball game. I don't know. It was going around the Internet today. There is some speculation that they were filming…   Read Story »
Hahah. What? I'm sorry, I spaced out right after he said "Kronum is a new game." Totally my bad. Did any of this make sense to you guys? GET IN THE FLEX ZONE! No whammies. Quidditch. I love that this…   Read Story »
So, I got this email last night: Hi, this is Tang, I'm more of a lurker than a monster, but I am definitely a dedicated videogumer. I hope this isn't too forward/too random but I am desperate, and…   Read Story »
I still do not care about sportsketball, but A for Effort, boys! Although, I'm not entirely sure who this is for? Sports fans who also love critically beloved but…   Read Story »
I'm not sure WHAT this is, but I know that it's NOT a dog riding a scooter. It could be anything really. A child with some kind of skin disorder? A viral ad for a local Nightmare Factory? The…   Read Story »
I'm not sure what kind of deep-rooted lack you would have to feel in the depths of your soul where this type of competition was clearly the best means to fill it, but hey, the human heart is a…   Read Story »
Here we are, the last post before the Monsters’ Ball, and ninjas, I had so much more I wanted to share with you. Guys, remember how at the end of Schindler’s List Oskar was all like, ”I…   Read Story »
Today is the 15th day of protests and general political unrest in Egypt, and there's no real end in sight considering the fact that Mubarak isn't giving up his 30-year dictatorship easily. Weird.…   Read Story »
Last night's Super Bowl was actually pretty fun to watch. It was a close game, and there was a clear-cut fan favorite for those who didn't have a pre-standing investment in the outcome (I'm talking,…   Read Story »