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I want to say that this guy is a jerk, but this is actually the best touchdown celebration I have ever seen. (And I've seen lots. Big TD fan.) GO TEAM!!!! (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
Time to change your ringtone from "Old Dallas Cowboys Theme Song" to "New Dallas Cowboys Theme Song." Every time this starts playing over the loudspeakers at the sportsball stadium, the crowd…   Read Story »
Oof. This video breaks my heart. Remember, you guys, it's important to start things when they are supposed to be started. If you start them too early or too late there's a very good chance that you…   Read Story »
"See how close you can get to my eye without touching it" is a very fun, timeless game. It's also very fun to call someone's bluff when they're like, "I'm going to touch your eyeball," and you're…   Read Story »
It is well documented that I do not care for sports. Neither does Gabe, I don't think, so it's rare that any exciting sports news gets covered on Videogum. Plus it's not a sports website? I'm sorry…   Read Story »
At the top of this video, Bruce Kaufman (President of the US Lawn Mower Association) states, "A lot of people don't know what to think when they think 'lawn mower racing.'" And you think to yourself:…   Read Story »
You know what parkour is, right? You probably do, but if not: Parkour is the sport where guys do crazy things. Get it? Like jump from one building to another building that seems to be too far away,…   Read Story »
We don't usually link to on-line flash games because there are so many reasons how many do you want? But this one in which you are deceased author George Plimpton engaging in a bit of falconry is…   Read Story »
It's hard out here for a shrimp, you guys. And it's not getting any easier. Yesterday I made a joke about the comical impotence of running down the street in flopping boat shoes to confront your wife…   Read Story »
Oh no! Genuinely! That is the second time I have written "oh no" today but the first time was a joke. Sad news (that is also the second time I have written "sad news" today, but let's just put our…   Read Story »