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We don't talk about sports too much here on Videogum, but that doesn't mean we don't care! We love watching skilled players taking the ball to the hoop just as much as the next fan. It doesn't matter…   Read Story »
These guys. Two pals having pal time! What were they going to do, NOT take a selfie together? It's Wimbeldon! What do you think they did with this picture? MySpace? Did anyone get a push notification…   Read Story »
"I mean, what constitutes a 'real' sport? Sports are inherently fabricated -- a set of rules and stakes that come completely from the imagination of one person or of a group of people. What makes…   Read Story »
For real, I would watch a show (or 24-hour "news" network) where you just saw people going about their business while five-time NBA all star Chris Webber explained what was going on, pausing the…   Read Story »
You can do it! Ask that hot babe out on a date! Apply to your dream job! Don't go on that creaky carnival ride! (Because you think it won't break, but then it will!) Confess to that crime! Pitch that…   Read Story »
The only reason that kid wasn't hoisted onto the crowd's shoulders and carried through town in a day-long parade like a goddamned king is because there wasn't anyone there. Otherwise, though, like,…   Read Story »
IT IS HERE, IT IS HERE, IT IS FINALLY HERE! The starting lineup for Puppy Bowl IX is here. The nation's Most Valuable Puppies. At nine years old, the Puppy Bowl is literally one of America's longest…   Read Story »
The holidays are over, and yet they still seem to be the only thing anyone wants to talk about, probably because at this point there is almost nothing else to talk about and what else are you going…   Read Story »
That's all there is to it, really. You're very good at this and you seem to be enjoying yourself. When I was a kid the mere sound of any sports arena filled me with anxiety and here you are on the…   Read Story »
[Yesterday, Felix Baumgartner broke numerous world records when he dove to the Earth from an altitude of 128,097 feet. The video of his feat, which was streamed live around the world, is…   Read Story »