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Kelly: Hey, g Gabe: yo k Kelly: watup Gabe: not much homegirl Gabe: and scene. Kelly: hahah Gabe: that was already making me very uncomfortable Gabe: i didn't want to see what happened…   Read Story »
Downton Abbey's third season ended its run on PBS this past weekend and it seems like there is a lot to talk and complain about! (I haven't been watching the season, but I have been keeping up with…   Read Story »
AMC may have revealed a MAJOR (I assume) Walking Dead spoiler in a DVD advertisement on its website. Everyone's actually dead and they're all in heaven! Just kidding! Don't click on that if you don't…   Read Story »
Mad Men's fifth season is almost here, thank goodness, after a wait that has felt like DECADES. Actually I'm lying about what it felt like because I've only recently gotten caught up on the last…   Read Story »
Charlie Kaufman is a notorious weirdo. ("Charlie Kaufman is a great screenwriter who’s worked hard to create his own universe of alternate realities." - Gabe Delahaye, Videogum. "Charlie Kaufman…   Read Story »
EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm still having trouble with my pictures but I am not going to let a little thing like vanity keep me from posting hard-hitting content, so get started and I'll…   Read Story »
It is one of my greatest ongoing sources of shame that I have still not finished watching The Wire. Now I don't have to! JK! I linked to this thing without even watching it. Get those spoilers away…   Read Story »
As someone who has held a job sitting in a cubicle typing up character-limited marketing descriptions of products no one wants, I understand how important it is to stay fresh and amuse yourself. I…   Read Story »
Here is a two-minute preview clip from this week's episode of Return To Lost Island: You know, for a show that is as good as this show is right now, which is very good, they could have some better…   Read Story »
You've probably already heard that someone is going to die on this season of Gossip Girl, but supposedly this link SPOILS who it is. We didn't click on it. For real. We don't want to know. Follow at…   Read Story »