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These Where the Wild Things Are skateboards kind of take away from the magic of the trailer and poster. It's, like, one step away from a Where the Wild Things Are energy drink. "UNLEASH THE BEAST."   Read Story »
Kanye West appeared at the Los Angeles Film Festival yesterday to premiere a short film called We Were Once A Fairytale, directed by Spike Jonze. Supposedly it was originally going to be a music…   Read Story »
He talked to the L.A. Times about his upcoming UK TV show with Will Arnett and Spike Jonze, his new book, and his girrrrlfriend Amber Tamblyn, woo woo. Dude sounds happy for once. Yay!   Read Story »
Lance Bangs posted this video in which Spike Jonze tests out one of the Where the Wild Things Are masks on a potential moviegoer. Where the Wild Things Awww! This guy knows: I'm still very…   Read Story »
An anonymous tipster at ABC sent over this just-for-fun mashup (apparently created by the show for their own amusement) using footage from The Unusuals, the Adam Goldberg/Amber Tamblyn cop dramedy…   Read Story »
New Where the Wild Things Are poster, you guys. Perhaps a little more conservative than the original, no screaming children or artfully cropped monster faces, just your typical fantastical creature…   Read Story »
Where the Wild Things Are trailer, you guys: Well played, Where the Wild Things Are. First a great poster and now a great trailer. If you were a horse and I was a sad old man in torn poop pants at…   Read Story »
Check out the poster for Where the Wild Things Are, you guys! What a great poster. It's like fine art in a fancy museum. I'm going to get this poster framed and hang it above my bed, and then when a…   Read Story »
Ignore the rumors that Spike Jonze too-awesome-for-America version of Where The Wild Things Are is on hold and possibly won't come out in theaters. We know that the edgy kid's movie will definitely…   Read Story »
The truth of the matter is that skateboard videos are super fun to watch, and if they're directed by Spike Jonze and feature slow motion explosions, all the better. (via…   Read Story »