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We talk a lot about trampoline accidents here, because that is what this website is about, but do any of you ever think about those times that people are on trampolines and then they don't have an…   Read Story »
So have you guys seen Safety Not Guaranteed yet? We talked about it like three full days ago so I figure you must have seen it by now. WASN'T IT GREAT? What was your favorite part? Almost all of the…   Read Story »
A lizard that looks like Spiderman was recently photographed in Kenya. Kind of insane how a story like this is breaking on such a slow news day but let's just go with it, guys! -HyperVocal Do you…   Read Story »
Do your thing, man. Don't let anyone tell you that your thing is weird and confusing, even though it's also kind of impressive. If it makes you happy, it makes you happy! And why even wake up in the…   Read Story »
Ryan Gosling making funny faces at photographers, ladies and gentleman! -Just Jared Check out some photos from the upcoming Spiderman movie! Emma Stone has blonde hair! I don't like it as much! But…   Read Story »