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I kind of wish this was an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK-PEEK at the new Spider-Man movie, rather that just some fun Photoshop from a fun photo gallery (via Internet). Right? As a people, we've definitely lost a…   Read Story »
Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the superman and spider-man kids from the Best Camera Test of All Time had an on-air dance-off. But first, a shout-out.   Read Story »
Someone bought a new Canon XHA1 digital video camera and recorded a test video just to see if the camera worked properly. Let's just say the test was an incredible success. If anything, this…   Read Story »
We're all just trying to get through the day, which is a truth that I recognize and respect. And for the most part I believe that everyone deserves the basic human decency of being left to their own…   Read Story »
(click to enlarge) Thanks for the tip Sachar.   Read Story »
Italian Spider-Man, guys: More here. You have to admit that Italy is getting it right. Fuck the magic and the nuclear spiders and the web-slinging and the nerds-wish-fullfilment. Give a guy a…   Read Story »
In other Iron Man news, I am excited for this movie because I enjoy the superheroes and also because among the superheroes I'm a fan of the origins films. Watching the hero's transformation from…   Read Story »