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Heidi and Spencer are buying weapons: [Heidi and Spencer] are working on their firearms skills with a personal instructor who went over shooting skills, close combat, tactical, and defense weapons…   Read Story »
Spencer Pratt was on Letterman on Friday, and Heidi waited from the green room. Watch as David Letterman's grasp on the world he lives in slips momentarily, but DON'T WORRY, he recovers it, and then…   Read Story »
gabe: heidi and spencer are hilarious lindsay: they're hilariously ridiculous, but they should be stopped. gabe: they will be stopped gabe: by the angel of death gabe: he spares no one lindsay: They…   Read Story »
I was having an argument about Heidi and Spencer the other day (obviously, and nullus) in which a friend proposed that they were the worst and did not deserve any attention and that it made this…   Read Story »
The new season of The Hills doesn't start until August, but that doesn't mean you can't keep track of everyone's (least) favorite Hollywood Power Saddest Couple Of Emotional Corpses, Plastic Face and…   Read Story »
Last night's season finale of The Hills was really difficult to watch. I just can't willfully suspend my disbelief anymore. Let's take the Las Vegas scene for an example. Heidi is having a meeting…   Read Story »
Here is a clip from the season finale of The Hills. SPOILER ALERT you're welcome. Did they shoot this on a Walkman? You can always tell when it's getting "real" on this show because it suddenly…   Read Story »
On last night's fake episode of The fake Hills, there was barely any Spencer magic. He told fake Stephanie that he was going to fake move out after she fake yelled at him in a fake mad voice about…   Read Story »
The four girls from The Hills (Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney) are on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. There's an excerpt from the accompanying article on-line, which gives you the dirt on…   Read Story »
It is good to see that as print media falls into Whoops Ocean, there will still be a resource for self-improvement. At least if the way you want to improve yourself is to become more and more of a…   Read Story »