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Two episodes of Hills in one week? That is so much Hills! You know that feeling you get when you drink too many no-fat soy lattes with sugar-free pomegranate syrup and your hands start to shake? This…   Read Story »
It's Frankie's birthday and we're going to Vegasssssss! Just one quick question, though: WHO'S FRANKIE? Frankie, of course, is Brody Jenner's friend, who somehow lacks the charisma to make it onto…   Read Story »
Between this and Gossip Girl, there is now an 80 percent chance that my life will end on a Monday night. Anyway, we're only two episodes into the season, and already Lauren wants to break up with…   Read Story »
It's a sign of how hard The Hills is treading water, trying to stay relevant beneath the crushing weight of a celebrity gossip industry that de-mystifies any plot tension, which barely exists anyway…   Read Story »
Blah blah blah, The Hills isn't real. Snooze me a river. At this point, we need to all take a page from Brody Jenner's book and CHILLAX. (I would ask that none of us take the other page from Brody…   Read Story »
This picture, which was obviously taken last night because of Heidi's dress (kill me, please), had better be extremely ironic. This is not going to be a thing: Hey, whatever Human Giant guys, I…   Read Story »
So, we pick up where we left off, which isn't saying a lot because REAL TALK, The Hills has been treading water since season 2. Heidi and Lauren suffering a venomous rupture of their friendship is…   Read Story »
Season 4 of The Hills begins tonight, reuniting us with LC, Heidi, Audrina, and the rest of Goof Troop. The show has been on hiatus for three months, which means almost anything could have happened…   Read Story »
This week's Entertainment Weekly features a cover story on The Hills, featuring a sneak preview of season 4 (SPOILER ALERT, it's the barfiest season yet!), and behind the scenes looks at stuff like…   Read Story »
Here's a new preview of The Hills, you guys. It's got tons of great ideas for your ink. (Gross. Everyone who actually says "ink" like that in real life should get a tattoo of prison bars on their…   Read Story »