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Most of this week's episode is a build up to the December 29th premiere of Whitney Port's spin-off series, The City, which is too bad because I would much rather have seen them work in a bunch of…   Read Story »
Hi everyone, Heidi Montag here. Spencer wanted to be here today, but he was busy doing some stretching exercises so that he would one day be flexible enough to give himself blowjobs. ANYWAY, as you…   Read Story »
If there is one thing in this world that I love without question it is grandmas. They're basically moms, who are great, but even better. Let's give it up for grandmas, everyone. Let them know. But on…   Read Story »
Audrina was talking to her friend Dino and he totally told her that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby, but neither Lauren nor Justin will even talk to her about it, and they're both angry that she's…   Read Story »
According to your boyfriend, Perez Hilton, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have eloped to Mexico. Which is why we are suggesting Mexico be immediately sealed off and left to tear itself apart,…   Read Story »
First of all, Audrina and Justin Bobby are finally getting serious. OMG, can you believe it? After all these yeazzzzzzzzzz. The thing is, Justin likes hanging out down on Venice Beach because it's so…   Read Story »
This week's episode was mostly a big run up to Whitney Port's spin-off, The City. Kelly Cutrone was like "Whitney and Lauren, I need you to come to New York immediately and pretend like you are…   Read Story »
Heidi put on her trashiest outfit and Spencer combed his beard. Hand in hand, they went out to some children's hospital, or a Taco Bell, or whatever, to perform one of their usual staged photo ops…   Read Story »
Wow. Even if we accept that The Hills is "curated reality" or whatever you call it when it's not reality at all but stars talentless people who portray slightly less boring but still very boring…   Read Story »
This week, Audrina is still hung up on Justin Bobby some more, which actually kind of proves that this show is slightly more "real" than people have been giving it credit for lately. Because if it…   Read Story »