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I'm tired. Watching this show is like carrying a dead body over rocky terrain. Not that I have any idea what that's like, and I'd be happy to never actually compare the two experiences. But it's so…   Read Story »
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are getting married. Smart. And for real this time, too. From E!: E! News has learned exclusively that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are set to tie the knot on…   Read Story »
Here we are again, you guys. Standing at the foot of Mount Doom in the heart of Mordor. The only thing wearier than our legs is our hearts. We are unsure if we have what it takes to scale this…   Read Story »
Shut it down. All of it. Monsters.   Read Story »
The Hills season 5 preview trailer (via I'mNotObsessed), you guys: No. Since the season 4 finale in December, Barack Obama was sworn in as President, the economy spiraled out of control, and…   Read Story »
How I Met Your Mother fans have run the gamut from "What? Okay, whatever" to "Ugh" about Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Kim Kardashian's blatant ratings-baiting "guest starring" appearances on the…   Read Story »
And also Kim Kardashian. From the looks of a behind-the-scenes promo on, though, they get made fun of. So there's that. Sigh.   Read Story »
(This week, we're highlighting some of our favorite Videogum posts / video-related moments of 2008. So that's why things look different, and are old, this week. And Happy Almost New…   Read Story »
First Heidi and Spencer got married. Then it was revealed that they weren't legally married, just Mexican Vacation Married. Then it was revealed that their wedding rings were actually discarded sex…   Read Story »
I cannot tell you how convenient it is that Diane Von Furstenberg offered Whitney the job right before her spin-off reality show The City premieres. Can you imagine how awkward it would have been if…   Read Story »