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Heidi is getting married. To Spencer. Our great national nightmare is almost at its end, just as the long, personal nightmare of the Pratts enters a new phase. Spencer has won the approval of Heidi's…   Read Story »
Look, if a "professional MMA fighter" wants to make a rap video for his original song "No Surrender," fair enough. And if he wants that video to include his "crew" backing him up, to prove that he is…   Read Story »
Heidi's dad, no her REAL dad, is coming to visit. And he's bringing his guns. That is what she tells Spencer. "I wouldn't be surprised if he brings his gun." Really? I would. He could be the guy from…   Read Story »
Spencer Pratt is a goat genius, so he knows all about the importance of viral marketing, which is why he is getting the word out there about Heidi Montag Pratt's "music" with an offer that we almost…   Read Story »
The economic crisis is affecting everyone. Why, just the other day, there were a bunch of imaginary layoffs at the imaginary company where Audrina Patridge pretends to work, and she was like "OMG, I…   Read Story »
Since Lauren Conrad has said that this is her last season of The Hills, but because MTV has already announced that they're going ahead with a sixth, Lauren-free season, you can see how the producers…   Read Story »
MTV has confirmed that they will be moving forward with a a sixth season of The Hills without Lauren Conrad. Videogum has confirmed that it will not be moving forward with a sixth season of The Hills…   Read Story »
Heidi and Spencer got married last weekend. I suppose one could imagine a reality in which The Hills is like a documentary about the Civil War. Sure, you know how it's going to end, but there is so…   Read Story »
Here are some set images (via JustJared) of Heidi and Spencer shooting promos for the upcoming season of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. So the good news is that you definitely don't have to…   Read Story »
It seems fair to assume that when The Hills first started, the system for creating (and when necessary, recreating) dramatic conflict or narrative arcs was already well established, and while it got…   Read Story »