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“Did they tell you we’re making a movie? We’re not. We’re practicing making a movie,” is what Val Kilmer said on stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest after cutting his hair and "chain-sawing through…   Read Story »
The Village Voice has been following a story, based on documents released on defected Scientology official Marty Rathbun's blog, about Scientology's investigation into Parker and Stone after South…   Read Story »
Trey Parker and Matt Stone were on 60 Minutes this week talking South Park's FIFTEEN SEASONS. Oh my gosh. Were any of you even alive when South Park wasn't on TV? Anyone? Hello? Here is the whole…   Read Story »
The intro to the Japanese version of Saturday Night Live is very familiar looking! -Vulture Check out these cool behind-the-scenes photos from movies that you like. -Uproxx The effect that…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of the Simpsons, Bart wrote "South Park--We'd Stand Behind You If We Weren't So Scared." This is in reference to last week's Cartoon Scandals Picayune front page headline…   Read Story »
On the eve of their 200th episode, the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, talk with Boing Boing about it and stuff. Personally, I don't watch the show that much anymore, but I do…   Read Story »
After South Park made jokes about gingers, CopperCab took to the Internet to get his message out there. So now South Park is making jokes about CopperCab. And so.   Read Story »
He's back, and he has a message for the haterz. NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP. You (still) mad! My favorite thing* about these videos is that I haven't really seen any of the things that…   Read Story »
There is really only one thing to say to this: (Video via Dlisted.)   Read Story »
My head is in a little bit of a yogurt cup this morning, but this still made me laugh. A lot. And I don't even care about South Park! (Does anyone? It's 2009! "Beefcake" was a lifetime ago.)…   Read Story »