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I am aware that this particular Game of Thrones GIF is not from the season finale of Game of Thrones that we all talked about this week, but that is just something that everyone's going to have to…   Read Story »
The Lab has an excerpt from an interview Bryan Cranston did with Nicolas Winding Refn, mostly about Drive, and it's a worthwhile read both because it is a pretty small excerpt and because we like…   Read Story »
When the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was released in November of 2011 it seemed to surprise a lot of people, including me, because, my goodness, that trailer was so good! So fresh, so…   Read Story »
Hey everybody, let's go see Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend! It looks great! Then let's all come back here on Monday and talk about which character we thought was the prettiest. (Chris…   Read Story »
The poster for Ruby Sparks was released today and the tagline is "She's out of his mind." Which is not a bad tagline for that movie! Someone did a fine job with that! -Vulture Jon Hamm is the most…   Read Story »
This week, there is a movie trailer that really might surprise you! At least as far as the trailer is concerned, this looks like the one 2 beat. Very fun and exciting trailer. And you probably don't…   Read Story »