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Thank you, dog! We do deserve a few extra minutes of sleep. And --oh, what's that? We also deserve a bedside table to put our alarm clock on, like an adult? Especially if we're going to have it right…   Read Story »
And the spooky wrecked ship is Monday, no duh. But hey, Monday's not so bad! Sure it's a terrifying reminder of the fragility of life, but at least it's not a non-wrecked ship! You would have been…   Read Story »
That's it, just close your eyes. Try not to listen to the man shouting to his friends about how the bear keeps waking up, practically begging for the death that has for some reason not yet fallen…   Read Story »
We are the little girl, the suitcase is Friday, and the dad is the passage of time. HURRY UP, DAD! WE'RE BARELY HANGING ON HERE! (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
We know that the long weekend is over, but will someone please remove us from this vehicle and put us back in bed? Just for a few more minutes? You can make us coffee while we're sleeping. Come on,…   Read Story »
Is anyone else tired to the point of tear-stained exhaustion? I know it can't just be me and this little girl. Between the election and the storm and Halloween, it's too much! Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
GIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS GIFS GIFS GIFSGIFSGIFS! This thing but then type in "GIFs." That's how we're feeling right now. Hahah, actually, that doesn't really work if you type in "GIFs." It doesn't…   Read Story »
I know that it isn't even close to nighttime yet, but when an opportunity like this comes into your life you have to ditch the norm -- the hours they try and TELL you are "for sleeping" -- and just…   Read Story »
Good morning, babies, time to wake up! Oh, there you are. Whoops, we lost you. Babies? Wake up, babies! It's a brand new day. Hi! Look at you! Annnnnd we lost you again. Babiiiiiiies. Oh,…   Read Story »
Look, it's no use at this point playing the BLAME GAME and pointing fingers at people, because I don't know if you actually knew this, I just learned this myself and it blew me away, but did you know…   Read Story »