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It's been a while since we've checked in with William Tapley, but thankfully FilmDrunk checked on him today and he is doing fine as ever! (Explaining now Skyfall is actually about how Vladimir…   Read Story »
Bill Murray is sporting an amazing moustache these days. Proof: this cell phone pic of Bill's moustache & Bob Newhart! -SeriouslyOMG Gov. Chris Christie's Letterman doughnut gag: what a gag.…   Read Story »
You can watch all of the highlights of the first season of On Cinema here and then get ready for season two coming in February.   Read Story »
Ben Affleck is using his recently acquired bully pulpit to call attention to issues in the Congo. Marry me, Ben! Marry us all! -WashingtonPost Will Skyfall and Lincoln dilute the profits for…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: what's up? Kelly: Not much, it's pretty cold where I am and I thought I was going to get a pair of shoes in the mail today but I didn't Kelly: So those are…   Read Story »
Before we even get into James Bond 007 Skyfall, we have a BREAKING EDITION of Hey, What's Up With Topher Grace: he was at my screening last night. He looked great! Very healthy, with a nice full…   Read Story »
This Ned Flanders Halloween costume has been making the rounds today, so it's possible you've already seen it, and it's also possible that you're tired of annoying Internet glorification of pop…   Read Story »
Quick question: Who's the biggest, fattest baby you know in the whole entire world and also the universe, and also Heaven and Hell? Think about it for a second before you answer. Like, I guess it…   Read Story »
I bet if this new Skyfall poster didn't have text on it you would have NO idea what movie it was advertising. Right? "Is Daniel Craig in a new movie about suits and guns? What's up with this thing?"…   Read Story »
There are some real good trailers this week, but man oh man, if ever it was true that movie trailers are giving too much away, this week is a good case in point. Pretty much every trailer! It's like…   Read Story »