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I gotta tell you, my man, there's nothing like cruising through the aisles of the g-store on you board. Need chicken stock? No prob, just cruise on by and throw that chicken stock in your cart --…   Read Story »
Sick moves, my bros! I hope that all of you cool dudes are wearing your s-s-s-sick knee-p's and your super-sick elbow-p's while you're trying out your new moves! I'm totally stoked on them, BTW. Def…   Read Story »
"It happens every night. I turn on my window unit air conditioner, put on my face mask, climb into bed, think of everything that I need to get done, replay some conversations that went poorly, worry…   Read Story »
Gnarly, dude! Thanks for the sweet tramp-accy, broseph! Cowabunga for sure! (I used to skate.) (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
I was just flipping through my RSS feed a minute ago and by all accounts today is another typical day on the Internet, each one bleeding relentlessly into the next. A cat's butt made an appearance on…   Read Story »
Listen, I get it. There are some days when you wake up and you realize that, for longer than you'd like to admit, you've just been coasting on how cool you are. Sure, you're very cool -- your hair's…   Read Story »
I remember when actual dogs would ride actual skateboards, and comic books were a nickel. Now you can't even get dogs to go outside, they're too busy glued to their Nintendo DS Lites. Oh, and I also…   Read Story »
These Where the Wild Things Are skateboards kind of take away from the magic of the trailer and poster. It's, like, one step away from a Where the Wild Things Are energy drink. "UNLEASH THE BEAST."   Read Story »
There's a news story going around today about howteenage girls are sending naked pictures of themselves around as a way of telling boys they like them, only to have those pictures shared like some…   Read Story »
It seems like the idea was for these guys to douse a rock with gasoline, light it on fire, and then skateboard through the fire, but fire has the ability to jump onto your pants now, so that's what…   Read Story »