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Back in the '90s there was this little show called Friends. It was basically your grandpa's Arrested Development. A beloved but little watched sitcom. Ugh, I can't even keep up this ruse it is so…   Read Story »
You can now watch the full pilot for The Mindy Project on Hulu, if you are into that kind of thing. You probably are. Oh my God, I bet you are! You totally are.   Read Story »
Yo, Frasier's apartment was dope though 4 real.   Read Story »
Hollywood is now developing a live-action/animation hybrid Alf reboot movie. The working title is No Duh, Of Course. It's going to be so great. America's teens are like "Oh man, I'm going to sell my…   Read Story »
You didn't have to actually watch the series premiere of ABC's new sitcom, Work It, last night to know that it wasn't funny. While it's important to fully understand what you're talking about to…   Read Story »
Not sure how this was originally reported last week and we somehow missed it, all of us, but we are all equally to blame and we all need to learn how to forgive ourselves. In any case THIS (from…   Read Story »
It was announced today that NBC is developing a new sitcom called My Best Friend Is a Lesbo. Neat! From Deadline: The project, from Warner Bros TV and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s…   Read Story »
As you may have heard, Charlie Sheen's character will be killed off on the season premiere of Two and a Half Men, and now TMZ knows what happens to him. SPOILER: it includes the phrase "meat…   Read Story »
It is being reported that musician Andrew Gold has died. From People: Andrew Gold, the singer-songwriter best known for 1977's "Lonely Boy" single, died Friday in his sleep from a heart attack. He…   Read Story »
In this world, there are rich people and there are poor people, and that has always been the case. Even back in the caveman days there was probably some caveman who had, like, a disgustingly big cave…   Read Story »