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It was a warm September afternoon and one young blogger and a few friends headed to the movie theater to see One Direction: This Is Us in 3D. "Hey, I'm going to get some popcorn, you guys go ahead…   Read Story »
Life is about working with what you've got -- buying affordable clothes that flatter your figure; using makeup, if you want to use makeup, to enhance what is already beautiful about your face; seeing…   Read Story »
The BBC will reveal the new Doctor Who from Doctor Who in a live special this Sunday night. Doctor Whom do you think it's going to be? I think it's going to be Gabe Delahaye. -BleedingCool Simon…   Read Story »
Fox's talent show X Factor is something that I legitimately know almost nothing about. If you can believe it. You probably don't know anything about it either? I think it's the same thing as…   Read Story »
I don't watch American Idol. For one thing, I am 59 years old, and my grandchildren don't WANT to have something to relate to me about. Second of all, as far as I am concerned, we already have an…   Read Story »
Um. This news is everywhere this morning? And so now this news is here. Apparently it's important. God forbid you guys somehow don't hear about it. I think it's generation-defining. It goes JFK, Neil…   Read Story »
"There is really only so much good news that we can take in one day, but if you have any potable water that would be wonderful!" -- The Children of Darfur   Read Story »
On the left is a photo that purportedly features a young Conan O'Brien doing lord knows what. After it was posted on the HollywoodReporter, he Twittered about it, which people seem to be taking as…   Read Story »
Othelio are clearly the next Susan Boyle. NOT! In addition to being just one of the hottest summer jams from one of the crispest, cleanest, most in date groups, this clip serves as a welcome…   Read Story »
I am assuming that the reason Ke$ha has yet to apologize for her embarrassing and nightmarish performance on last night's American Idol (as if there is another kind of Ke$ha performance) is because…   Read Story »