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I stopped watching Dexter after the third season and, frankly, cannot believe that it continued for so long without me, as if my support didn't matter to Dexter at all. But it did! And it just ended…   Read Story »
Here is your first look at Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past, in the form of a viral video advertising Bolivar Trask's (Peter Dinklage's) Trask Industries. -/Film Dexter showrunner…   Read Story »
Showtime has put the entire season two premiere of Homeland, which aired last night as you may have heard from EVERYONE, on YouTube. That was nice! Watch it and pretend that you've been watching it…   Read Story »
Surely there must be some way to publicize your new Showtime mini-series without basically claiming to have participated in a totalitarian regime built on world domination and mass-genocide in order…   Read Story »
Showtime has made the unusual decision to put the season premieres of Dexter and Californication on-line for free, without even making you sign into a social networking website or anything. You…   Read Story »
Even if we WEREN'T stuck in the midst of an economic collapse, and we ARE, and even if people weren't losing their jobs in the tens of thousands and having their homes foreclosed upon, this lame…   Read Story »