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The first footage from Divergent, the Shailene Woodley-starring Hunger Games-like franchise that isn't for us because we are adults, was released at Comic-Con. Want to watch it? No one will judge…   Read Story »
By now I'm sure you've heard that the Arrested Development movie is going to start filming this summer. Oh! How about that. Are you going to drink an Arrested Development themed cocktail tonight to…   Read Story »
It's a late night. You're driving home from a cocktail party, or a rotary meeting, or something. Your wife frantically demands that you pull over. You hate when she gets this excitable without…   Read Story »
Johnny 5 popped a wheelie as he hummed along to his favorite C + C Music Factory song. He could still taste Stephanie's lip gloss on his face receptors. Today was going to be a 1001010101 day, he…   Read Story »