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Upon the death of cult filmmaker Les Blank (1935 - 2013) let us remember him by rewatching his documentary about Werner Herzog eating his own shoe.   Read Story »
Before watching "Little Boy Falls in Laundry Hamper" I'd advise you to take a look back at "MORE SAND!" Not only so you can judge this situation to the best of your abilities, but also because it is…   Read Story »
If you grew up anywhere from the time of 1985 until the time of today, Back to the Future is your favorite movie. Right? I think that's generally how it works. "I really love Sympathy for Mr.…   Read Story »
Obviously, YouTube user sirlancelot133 has a very solid lawsuit on his hands against the Rainbow and Sperry corporations. Let's look at the facts please: Rainbows hurt the bottoms of his feet and…   Read Story »
First, I'd like to announce the winners (THERE ARE THREE!) of our Louie: Season One giveaway: Joseph Klein* Brandon Duncan Chris Spicer Whooaa! You guys! What a great surprise that three of you…   Read Story »
I don't really understand the TED Conference. What is it? I know that it's supposed to be the world's great thinkers providing freeform lectures somewhere in California on topics of their own…   Read Story »
It turns out that guy who tried to get a good old patriotic "USA!" chant going a couple weeks ago with ZERO help from the tree-hugging homosexuals of Jew York City (it's not offensive if it's TRUE)…   Read Story »
The Internet has been pretty excited this week about some new developments in bringing pop culture from the 1980s to life. The website ThinkGeek has developed actual Stay Puft marshmallows that you…   Read Story »
We should buy more K-Swiss, you guys: On the first day that Max and I were in San Diego for Comic-Con we were walking down the street when we heard excited screaming and shouting up on the…   Read Story »
Andy Rooney's always-entertaining commentary on last night's 60 Minutes was about shoes. Why don't they design better ones, why don't they fit, why does everyone have so many, and then a weird…   Read Story »