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Just when some of us may have been worried that we wouldn't be able to watch our favorite show about clips from Internet videos, it's been announced that Shaq is going to have HIS OWN show about…   Read Story »
Let's just get right to it: Shaquille O'Neal is taking film school classes to become a director of movies. From TMZ: Shaquille O'Neal is giving the movie biz another shot -- yes, even after…   Read Story »
With 2010 drawing to a close, we are left with many unanswered questions: What will be the long-term ecological ramifications of the BP oil spill? Will the Tea Party have a lasting effect on American…   Read Story »
Shaquille O'Neal rapped about Kobe Bryant in a New York nightclub on Sunday night: Someone let that happen. Someone decided putting him on stage and giving him a microphone was a totally…   Read Story »
Why aren't all (good) unaired Saturday Night Live clips not on the internet? Dear President of Entertainment: that is what the internet is for. This one, from the mid-'90s, not only gives us an…   Read Story »