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When we think of human garbage and national nightmares these days, we mostly think of Jeff Dunham. But it appears that all of that negative attention on Dunham has finally gotten to Seth MacFarlane,…   Read Story »
As you may recall, Microsoft recently signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with FOX and Seth MacFarlane to have Windows 7 jokes written into an upcoming Family Guy special called Family Guy Presents:…   Read Story »
Microsoft has enlisted Seth MacFarlane to promote Windows 7. Sure. The launch parties were such a success, it just makes sense that they would continue to align their product with something that is…   Read Story »
Seth MacFarlane offers up an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of how he "does" the voice for Stewie. And stick around for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how I "fill" the toilet with vomit.   Read Story »
In the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Seth MacFarlane explained what makes Family Guy funny. To be fair to the boy billionaire, explaining jokes is always awful. But explaining awful jokes is…   Read Story »
Somehow, they are getting worse.   Read Story »
Look, regardless of where you fall on the Family Guy divide, whether you think that its endless, redundant, 3rd-grade pastiche of self-referential fart jokes and unclever non-sequiturs is terrible,…   Read Story »
This is becoming a joke, is what this is becoming. In his relentless campaign for an Emmy, Seth MacFarlane has constantly compared Family Guy to the historic nomination and victory of Barack Obama in…   Read Story »
Stewie, the annoying baby on Family Guy, is gay, says creator and moron, Seth MacFarlane in an interview with Playboy. Perfect. From the New York Daily News: "We had an episode that went all the way…   Read Story »
This weekend marked the end of Comic-Con: 2009. Of course, amidst all the Lost spoilers, and Avatar screenings, and Tron teaser trailers, and Green Hornet car displayings were hundreds of adults…   Read Story »