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Kind of reminds me of those old bumper stickers a lot of the cars in my high school parking lot had. What did they say? "SHOOT YOUR TELEVISION"? "THROW YOUR TELEVISION OUT THE WINDOW"? "I HATE MY…   Read Story »
Seth MacFarlane is bringing back Carl Sagan's PBS series Cosmos in a new form to FOX in primetime? Great. I guess human beings really are complicated and fascinating and you can never truly know what…   Read Story »
Well, right. Of COURSE Justin Bieber, a 12-year-old actress from Canada famous for her role as Justine Biebo in the 3D movie Never owns a jewel-encrusted necklace in the shape of a Family Guy…   Read Story »
This would be a lot more upsetting if anyone actually cared about The Flintones. I mean, it basically WAS your grandpa's Family Guy. I think we actually dodged a bullet on this one, you guys!   Read Story »
Sort of. I mean, the lead reviewer for the New York Times book review section, Michiko Kakutani, wrote a review in "the voice" of Brian the dog from Family Guy. Again: sort of. I mean, not really at…   Read Story »
This weekend, Family Guy made fun of Sarah Palin's down syndrome baby. Just to help with the math: Family Guy is the worst + Sarah Palin is the worst = this is the superworst.   Read Story »
I don't even know what the WGA Awards are, but I do know this: haha, WGA Awards, that's your host!   Read Story »
It almost goes without saying that Britney Spears is your girlfriend. But even now, after all of the years that you have been dating, and loving, and remarking on how crazy it is that you have SO…   Read Story »
Seth MacFarlane might be getting a FOURTH primetime animated series on FOX? D'oh. (Get it? You get it.)   Read Story »
Uh oh. I really like My Morning Jacket. OR DO I?! Goodbye, My Morning Jacket! R.I.P.   Read Story »