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NYTimes Magazine is calling Channing Tatum one of 2012’s Memorable Men. Look at the prestigious accompanying sketch! Channing, you've arrived. -FilmDrunk 'The Real Problem With Homeland' by…   Read Story »
Can't even think about anything else today. What else even is there? Nothing. Just this. Forever and ever. Maybe they'll host together? They are equally comfortable in front of the camera. Comedy…   Read Story »
The correct answer, right off the bat, before we even get into which celebrities make up each of these rumored celebrity couples is "neither." "Neither, because I don't and (most likely) will never…   Read Story »
Saturday Night Live returned this weekend, beginning its 38th season with noted voice actor Teeth MacFarlane at the helm. "Giggity-giggity!" Something that served to distract viewers from how just so…   Read Story »
Chris Gethard's newly adoptive network, IFC, have put up a bilboard with his body on it in Times Square. In this video, Chris stands near his billboard and waits to be recognized. It is a very good…   Read Story »
We've got a lot of Dan Harmon and Community news to round up this morning so let's get to it! First off, Community won an award for Best Comedy at the second annual Critics Choice Awards.…   Read Story »
There's a pretty good profile of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in this week's New Yorker. The basic theme behind the piece is how Seth MacFarlane is desperate for comedic legitimacy and respect…   Read Story »
Almost a year ago, it was announced that Seth MacFarlane would be rebooting The Flintstones on Fox. Upon hearing the news, emotions ranged from "kind of upset" to "not really upset" and we all went…   Read Story »
Oh, GREAT! I feel like it's been years since we had a good feud, and don't get me wrong, this is by no means a GOOD feud -- it's fairly mild-mannered and under control -- but it's certainly a feud…   Read Story »