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Oh babies. With their malleable approach to language and their fixation on the minute bodily functions that govern their day-to-day lives. Of course, within the blink of history's eye, these little…   Read Story »
Turns out Bethenny Frankel is not leaving the Real Housewives of New York after all. Oh, and Sesame Street is doing a Mad Men parody this season. Looks like TV has gotten its shit together.   Read Story »
Last year we had M.O.P.'s "Ante Up." This year we have The Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat." That'll do, Internet. That'll do. Now the only question is: where is this summer's Rock-afire…   Read Story »
Two people calling themselves the "Xylofolks" are running around New York's subways and parks dressed as Sesame Street's Ernie Cookie Monster and a pink ape playing xylophone and the upright base…   Read Story »
I'm not really sure how Paul Rudd can still be attractive while dressed up in a big, awkward "Earth" suit and dancing and singing with puppets, but, by golly, he is. And where is his…   Read Story »
THE OUTRAGE! First they let black children on television, and then they allow them to casually insinuate that marriage is about love between two people and not restricted to one man and one woman…   Read Story »
I clicked because it's a new outtake from Ricky Gervais's upcoming (November) appearance on Sesame Street, but I stayed because Elmo drops character but stays in-voice! Ricky: "Do you know what…   Read Story »
I would like to just take this space to remind everyone about my earlier post about the upcoming (cough! highbrow! cough!) documentary about industrial design, Objectified. Please hold the existence…   Read Story »
Sesame Street made a highlight reel for their 39th season (starting August 11th), and in addition to the previously reported Feist and Neil Patrick Harris musical numbers, they're going all out to…   Read Story »
Neil Patrick Harris continues his multi-platform world domination tour with an appearance on Sesame Street, where he plays "The Shoe Fairy," and sings a song about different kinds of shoes. It's…   Read Story »