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Sesame Street's Bert may or may not have come out of the closet on Twitter, which does not change the fact that he is definitely gay. No puppeto.   Read Story »
I'm not going to say that I'm angry that it has taken this long for Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" to get a Sesame Street mash-up. Just disappointed. But it's here now. So let's just try to enjoy…   Read Story »
(Thanks for the tip, Polythene Pam.)   Read Story »
Nigeria is getting its own edition of Sesame Street. You know, for the kids. And if there's one thing that kids love it is AIDS. From CNN: Big Bird and the Cookie Monster have some new friends,…   Read Story »
Whoops! All the kids are ruined. Oh well. Kids, of course, are stupid, and so they have no way to recognize this is bad for them. They probably think it's good, those idiots, LOL. Which is why,…   Read Story »
Oh, great. Another politician in the pocket of the puppet industry. C is for CORRUPTION! Just kidding. This is great. Look at Joe Biden, you guys! Total baller. Now, let's stuff those puppets…   Read Story »
Traditionally, of course, the Porno Switcheroo comes without warning. That is the beauty of a Porno Switcheroo. Almost all of the entertainment value of the Porno Switcheroo would disappear if you…   Read Story »
In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street, here is a classic moment you probably (definitely?) remember from your childhood. MEMORIES! You are so old, Sesame Street! I got you a…   Read Story »
Yes, Internet, this is cute. Yes, Internet, we all love Mad Men. And yes, Internet, we are all at least somewhat nostalgic for our childhoods (Teddy told me that in Greek nostalgia literally means…   Read Story »
I'm pretty sure if they ever wanted to make A Nightmare on Elm Street Jr. (someone, or something, is killing all the toddlers in their sleep!), they could just hire these guys. Terrifying. Also, it's…   Read Story »