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Uh, Tom Hiddleston, here's an idea: why don't you just eat your god damn cookie rather that wave it around Cookie Monster's face like some big, handsome, teasing, perfect-voiced jerk? Looks like…   Read Story »
We are so starved for a decent summer jam this summer that I will gladly, AT LEAST for today, take Cookie Monster's self control-focused parody of summer jam contender Icona Pop's "I Love It" (which,…   Read Story »
Jon Hamm is handsome and a good actor and a seemingly nice guy in real life and he's very much of the moment so it totally makes sense for him to appear on Sesame Street as a nod to the parents who…   Read Story »
John Boehner Looks At His Boogers During The SOTU -BuzzFeed Sports Illustrated Models Take Over Letterman's Top 10 -Complex Steven Seagal Instructs His Special Posse -FilmDrunk Lil Mama To…   Read Story »
George Lucas' daughter Amanda is an MMA fighter. Whoa. Here's a picture of her being bloody, there's also a video! -BuzzFeed Sesame Street Presents: "Upside-Downton Abbey" -SesameStreet (thank you…   Read Story »
Annie Leibovitz did a Les Misérables photo spread for Vogue and don't you just wish you could do a photoshoot for Vogue? They'd make you look so good. Right? They wouldn't NOT.…   Read Story »
She teaches little girls that wanting to be a princess is nice, but you also have to prepare seriously for an actual career. H is for hahaha. T is for TOUGH BREAK, LADIES!   Read Story »
Haha, guys, I don't even know what's going on anymore. Is this whole thing just a viral marketing stunt for The Campaign? Fuck America? I'm all for taking life a little less seriously and being…   Read Story »
Sesame Street did an online parody of Boardwalk Empire, titled Birdwalk Empire, and it is, as all online Sesame Street parodies of things are, very charming. -AVClub Hey, did any of you guys like…   Read Story »
Just kidding! This doesn't exist. Don't even sweat it. You never saw this photo. It hasn't been burned into your brain forever, leaving you permanently broken and scarred. Not at all! What a…   Read Story »