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While digging through the Hollywood archives recently, a group of expensively sloppy Hollywood businessmen came to find that one movie was left without a sequel. "Life-Size," one of them asked, "Does…   Read Story »
An It's A Wonderful Life sequel is in development. Sorry I didn't take longer to ease you into that idea, but THERE IS JUST NO TIME! Here, listen to Variety: The sequel, titled “It’s A Wonderful…   Read Story »
What's better than a movie that stands on its own in your memory as something you enjoyed as a young person, but not something you'd like to revisit -- not out of any ill-will, but out of the hope…   Read Story »
The biggest sequel announcement going around the Internet today is that of the Boy Meets World sequel about Cory and Topanga's child currently in development at Disney, titled Girl Meets World.…   Read Story »
Some dude in Flint, Michigan, home of Michael Moore and Krispy Kreme, has written his own screenplay for a Road House sequel that he envisions as being a starring vehicle for Guy Fieri (yes, good!)…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: what's up? Kelly: Not a lot, same as ever Kelly: Anything up with you? Gabe: thank you so much for asking Gabe: no Kelly: Oh Kelly: Well, you're…   Read Story »
Phew! Were you worried that there wouldn't be a sequel to Jaden Smith's Karate Kid remake? Well there will be. So relax.   Read Story »
HOW'D IT GET MADE? HOW'D IT GET MADE HOW'D IT GET MADE?! Get it? Nicolas Cage. It's a Nicolas Cage joke. Because he was in the...Oh, never mind.   Read Story »
In a recent interview with Empire magazine (via /Film), Winona Ryder insisted that a Heathers sequel is in the works. Um, why? That movie is great, and doesn't really demand a sequel. Also, it is…   Read Story »