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Want to work in the exciting field of Charlie Sheen? Are you Mila Kunis, by any chance? Are you gorgeous and sexy and do you have experience in hating yourself? (Experience in hating yourself is a…   Read Story »
From TMZ: "We're told it all started when Selma complained to Anger Management execs that Charlie was a menace to work with -- claiming he's late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic. Problem is…   Read Story »
People's first loves are important. It's an exciting and memorable time in a young person's life as they experience new emotions for the very first time and enter into a purely adult relationship…   Read Story »
Since writing a "defense" of NBC's spinoff of the popular Australian sitcom Kath And Kim last month in which I realized that the main reason I watched the show was to try to figure out why it exists,…   Read Story »
A tipster sent this to us with the subject line "Jingle FAIL." Which is correct: It stars the following people (all of these things are not like the others): Sandra Bernhard, Janelle Monae, Jon…   Read Story »
Ah, Kath And Kim, the much-anticipated, now-downtrodden one-camera remake of a popular Australian sitcom that NBC tried to bring to the USA. I've now seen every episode, and last night, I was trying…   Read Story »