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I saw Spring Breakers on a snowy Saturday afternoon about a week ago and there were only a few people in attendance at my screening. It was a very odd way to see a movie like this! There were a lot…   Read Story »
Here's a sign-in sheet from the first day of Office auditions that Rainn Wilson tweeted over the weekend. (Adam Scott as Jim?! I can't imagine!) (JK, I can!) (It would have been good and the same!)…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: what is up? Kelly: Oh not too much Kelly: I'm trying to think of anything and I can't Kelly: Is there anything up with you? Gabe: i saw a scary thing last…   Read Story »
"Even though I couldn't be a part of this project, I'm still glad that James Franco could play the role of me. That's like if Denzel Washington was playing the role of O.J. Simpson. Even though it's…   Read Story »
This is just a good photo of teenage Disney star and Justin Bieber lover/muse Selena Gomez eating some kind of parfait with Eli Roth, the creator of the Hostel torture-porn series. You might think…   Read Story »
Uhhh...soooo...I'm not sure if any of you guys have ever had a stalker, I hope none of you have ever had a stalker, but I haven't, and uh, IT SOUNDS REALLY TERRIBLE! Certainly not the whimsical,…   Read Story »
This is Zach Galifianakis in high school? -HuffPo Film Drunk needs your help! Go tell them what your favorite dirty talk quotes from movies are. Don't be shy. C'mon. -Film Drunk Heart of Darkness…   Read Story »
Imagine the most normal thing in the world. Like, I don't know. A glass of water. OK, so you've got this glass of water, and it's on a table, right? The table is in, oh, who knows, let's say, like, a…   Read Story »