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"How funny that you would chose to record me during this particular dream. I bet you felt like you were in control, hm? Not only were you filming an innocent child as he slept, but an innocent…   Read Story »
Bradley Cooper has been known to make waves with his hair news, but we've NEVER seen anything like this before: Bradley Cooper at the beach, not making hair waves (or beach waves) with a blue t-shirt…   Read Story »
Everyone got meningitis for a sec. on Under the Dome last night and were cured almost instantly with one dose each of antibiotics, haha, but the REAL scoop came when the two young lovers held hands…   Read Story »
Do you know what Iron Man relies on to revitalize his energy? PLEASE BE QUIET AND DO NOT ANSWER THAT. "Uhhhhh he relies on alien subparticles that he bought with his playboy zillionaire money to…   Read Story »
It is a slightly well-known fact that when celebrities check into hotels or make reservations at restaurants and want that business to remain private, they will sometimes use a different name from…   Read Story »
I guess Oprah has a secret? Who doesn't! Even the Presidents have secrets, and they have kept them in a secret book that no one knows about. LET'S GET THAT BOOK! Anyway, Oprah's secret is out and…   Read Story »
At the end of Christian Bale's acceptance speech for Best Crack Face at last night's Golden Globes, he started to say something about Robert DeNiro but his mic was cut off. Here is what he said.…   Read Story »
I saw a picture of Audrey Tatou this morning because she's in a new music video or something, and for a second I wondered if secretly she is a jerk. I'm not saying that Audrey Tatou is a jerk, I'm…   Read Story »
The climactic moment of every Lost season finale is given a top-secret nickname that bears little to no relation to what actually happens in the episode, but is recorded as part of Lost's (copious,…   Read Story »