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I guess Zach is sick. Get well soon, Zach! But his twin brother, Seth, filled in for his interview with Sean Penn. Best one yet? Why does everything need to always be compared to everything…   Read Story »
Oh man. Paul Giamatti has been hired to replace Sean Penn in the Three Stooges movie, ensuring that this thing is still going to be so NUTS. We just heard Fandango is temporarily off-line due to…   Read Story »
Oh no! Terrible news! According to Variety, Sean Penn is dropping out of the Farrelly brothers Three Stooges movie. Obviously, this completely destroys the PERFECT casting this movie already had of…   Read Story »
The cast has been announced for the Farrelly Brothers' completely unnecessary (but very timely?) Three Stooges movie, and it is ridiculous. From Variety: Studio has set Sean Penn to play Larry, and…   Read Story »
[In this week's story, Mickey Rourke has just won the Academy Award for Best Actor.] Mickey Rourke walked into the Vanity Fair party like his feet were made of clouds. Al Gore gave him a high five.…   Read Story »
Obviously, I'm going to join a Facebook group called "Mickey Rourke Was Robbed," because I know that's a valuable use of my time. I just hope the group updates regularly with lots of new information…   Read Story »
We can say with 100% certainty that when Stephen Colbert's show returns from a one-week hiatus tonight, he will boast about how, once again, he used his silly little code to correctly predict all…   Read Story »
Can you feel the artificially manufactured excitement? Hugh Jackman should pee his pants any minute now! We'll be livetweeting the red carpet, Barbara, and of course, the actual show ALL NIGHT via…   Read Story »
Milk is the new film from Gus Van Sant about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office as a city supervisor in San Francisco. He was also murdered (natch, America is #1!) by a…   Read Story »
When it was released in 2001, I Am Sam earned Sean Penn an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of a mentally handicapped Starbucks employee, which is funny, because if it wasn't for his…   Read Story »