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How was everyone's day today? I got a text from Kelly a few hours ago saying that there were some pretty good crowd warm up dance contests going on at the Steve Wilkos show taping, so she is doing…   Read Story »
Marge Simpson IS The Girl With The Pearl Earring Necklace, click through for more. (Artist: David Barton) -HuffPostComedy Speaking of The Simpsons, watch the show's Oscar-Nominated Short Film, The…   Read Story »
Mark Ruffalo proves the age-old truism that it is extremely difficult to pull off the 'wrestling outfit' look. -BuzzFeedCeleb You will have to judge for yourself whether this is The Most…   Read Story »
Oh, Shia LaBeouf. As if you needed to do any more to win our hearts after announcing that you were going to have sex 4 real in Lars von Trier’s upcoming erotic drama Nymphomaniac. Already we were…   Read Story »
As you may have heard, HBO canceled Bored To Death, Hung, and How To Make It In America. They renewed Enlightened, which I watched one time, and it was bad. R.I.P. Gabe's chances of ever having a…   Read Story »
New York Magazine has a great feature on the history of the Upright Citizen's Brigade in NYC. There is no reason why you shouldn't read it! -NYMag I'm not going to watch this Game of Thrones season…   Read Story »
This Must Be the Place trailer, you guys: Our current movie trailer policy is that we are rounding them up on Fridays and doing a MEGA-TRAILER post but we have to talk about this right now it…   Read Story »
This may or may not be true, but either way, FILE UNDER: Sounds Reasonable.   Read Story »
Remember back in September when the first images leaked of Sean Penn in Robert Smith goth-drag makeup leaked from the set of some movie called This Must Be The Place in which he played an aging…   Read Story »
Check out Sean Penn, you guys! Looking good, buddy! Looking GREAT. Very good hair and VERY good face. Obviously, this movie is an outlandish, high-romp buddy comedy or something, right? And not a…   Read Story »