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Cecily Strong will join Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update" in the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, and Colin Jost and Rob Klein will replace him as head writers. -NYTimes Scott Disick posts…   Read Story »
Uh, so Scott Disick stars in a shot for shot remake of that Huey Lewis scene from American Psycho as some kind of viral marketing for the new Kanye album. You know how it is. (Sidenote: John Mayer's…   Read Story »
Up until this morning, everything I knew about Scott Disick I had learned from Gabe Delahaye: He is on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he at one point had an eye patch, and he is Gabe…   Read Story »
Check out Scott Disick’s Teen Romance Novel Cover from his child modeling days! He looks pretty much the same. -BuzzFeed Tis the season for new Breaking Bad valentines. Give them to someone you…   Read Story »
I know that Kardashian related posts don't do that well on this site because everyone WENT TO COLLEGE and thinks they are SUPERIOR TO REGULAR AMERICANS, but they are OUR ROYALTY, so why don't you GET…   Read Story »
I wish this clip was 10 hours long. I could watch it forever! Just a gaggle of dodos speaking with incredible confidence about absolutely nothing at all. When Harry Met Sally? OH, YOU KNOW, THE AGE…   Read Story »