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You: Hello pup, want to go for an iWalk on the SuperEnet-TravelSYS? Your Dog: I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. You: Walkies? Your Dog: WALKIES WALKIES WALKIES WALKIES WALKIES. You:…   Read Story »
The Leidenfrost Effect occurs when liquid on the surface of something significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point produces a vapor beneath it that keeps it from boiling, says the Internet.…   Read Story »
Oh, please. Give me a break. We're all grown-ups here. Even if you're reading this in the smart phone cubby you've dug into your Intro to College book in the pre-College 101 class that your mom is…   Read Story »
OH, GIRLS. Buckle your sex belts (that's okay to say, right?) because I have some scientific information from, for whatever reason, that you are not going to want to ignore! Via ONTD:…   Read Story »
Ghosts? Street signs from far away? The reason why otherwise generally self-aware people tweet at celebrities? All of the bugs inside of our homes? Out of their left eye, because they don't…   Read Story »
First watch this and then re-watch this. That's a wrap! We did it! Wrap party!   Read Story »
After the jump, we have a BBC clip sent in by Sara in which a scientist explains how the shape of neanderthal's throats combined with the weight of their skulls and the broadness of their powerful…   Read Story »
I wasn't the best at science in high school and in college the two science classes I took were a non-difficult space themed class and then a class about weather forecasting (I love college) so I…   Read Story »
I could listen to Cassandra Brooks talk about spending two months on an icebreaker boat in Antarctica all day. Why is the video only five minutes?! GIVE US THE FULL TWO MONTHS! What did you eat for…   Read Story »
It's hard out here. We have things to do, lives to lead. I read an article one time and I'm not going to look it up right now but you can look it up use BING, but basically it said that when you have…   Read Story »