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Oh my goodness am I glad it's Friday! This gives TGIF a whole new meaning! (From Thank GIF to Thank God It's Friday.) Before we hurry off into our weekends that are apparently going to be very snowy…   Read Story »
These Hunger Games character portraits are, uh, nice! -Nerdist James Franco's Saturday Night Live documentary, that started out as a documentary for an NYU class, then was sold to Oscilloscope,…   Read Story »
I was excited for this week's episode of Saturday Night Live because Kevin Hart is generally great, and it was easy to imagine him doing very well as a host. And he did do very well as a host! It is…   Read Story »
This was a short week because we had a beautiful day off on Monday for Presidents' Day (remember?) (thank you, Presidents!), but we still have A LOT of things to remember with a bunch of little…   Read Story »
Christoph Waltz, loser of the "Best Villain" 2010 MTV Movie Award for his role in Inglourious Basterds, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and was a charming, odd, especially game treat.…   Read Story »
We didn't talk about when Marco Rubio took an awkward sip from his water bottle (#waterbottlegate) very much this week, but I'm SURE you saw all the fuss about it on your Tumblrs and your Twitters…   Read Story »
Bill Murray Had A "Breathtakingly Masterful" Weekend At The Pebble Beach Golf Tournament -BuzzFeedSports Message Written In Snow Says It All, Sweet Brown Style -Neatorama Justin Bieber Joins The…   Read Story »
Not bad! End of review. (Just kidding.) (There's more.) I'm not sure if we were all expecting Justin Bieber to do a bad job on Saturday night, but if we were I'm not entirely sure why. His whole…   Read Story »
As Gabe has already pointed out, this has been a trying week. All of that garbage AND we had to say goodbye to our friends on 30 Rock AND we don't get to live the lives of either Nick or Jess, so…   Read Story »
Adam Levine, what a boringly handsome, no-energy robot! Someone refill this guy's battery pack and install a line memorization chip, we can't have his eye units permanently fixed on the cue cards…   Read Story »