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Saturday Night Live returned this past weekend from its short hiatus with host Zach Galifianakis and appearances from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helmes, Jon Hamm, and NOT Jennifer…   Read Story »
You can now download an EP from Fred Armisen's fake-y SNL punk band Ian Rubbish & The Bizarros. The team at Stereogum says, "It's fine. Music is garbage anyway, so whatever. Who even cares about…   Read Story »
In case you were wondering if any of the cast of Waynes World got a little older looking, but actually not that much, like it's not completely shocking, especially considering you see most of them…   Read Story »
New images from Thor: The Dark World alert! Are Thor and Natalie Portman still beautiful? Does Thor still wear his Thor costume? Click to find out! -USAToday Jay Jackson has been Perd Hapley-ing…   Read Story »
Before we head off to our weekends, let's take a quick look back and the things that have attempted to distract from the world that surrounds us this week. TAKE IT, GIFS! Vince Vaughn hosted a…   Read Story »
Did Vince Vaughn host Saturday Night Live this week in promotion of The Internship? If so: Why? EVERYONE IS ALREADY FOR SURE GOING TO GO SEE THAT MOVIE! IN JUNE, WHEN IT COMES OUT! Vince Vaughn, Owen…   Read Story »
ARE YOU READY FOR GIFS? Ba-na-na-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na-na-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na-na-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na-na-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na-na. ARE YOU READY FOR GIFS? I hope so! If not, take a moment to collect yourself --…   Read Story »
"LIVE IN NEW YORK IT'S SAUUUDDAANNIIIIGGGHHHHHHH!" Why don't they have Dennis Rodman do the cold open introduction every week? It's like their heads aren't even on straight anymore over at Saturday…   Read Story »
I have no Steve Wilkos GIFs to share with you today, thank God, even though that is the only thing I can remember from this week at this point. Was there ever anything else? Did anything happen…   Read Story »
What is there to say? Justin Timberlake is a worthless bore. Why do they keep asking him back? JKJKJKJKJJKJLOLOLOL HE'S A BORN ENTERTAINER AND AN AMERICAN TREASURE! Booking Justin Timberlake to host…   Read Story »