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We should all be getting around a hundred emails with this not-terrible video in which all the celebrities except the really young ones and the really old ones urge you to vote (and to send the video…   Read Story »
This video in which Sarah Silverman urges young Jewish voters to promise or withhold visits to their Floridian grandparents based on whether those grandparents vote for Obama is definitely not…   Read Story »
So yesterday I posed the rhetorical question: would recent Sarah Silverman mutual-breakup participant Jimmy Kimmel look sad, or perhaps cry, when his live TV show returned last night? It turns out,…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman's reps announced that the comedy power couple had broken up after five years. Hopefully the breakup was mutual and the two are mending their broken hearts…   Read Story »
Netflix is about discovery and learning. Here are my picks of the hundred or so DVDs releasing today (this is not a Netflix ad - many, many DVDs are only on Netflix. Also I love Netflix and they have…   Read Story »
I might be the only one who doesn't think that Sarah Silverman's "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" video love letter to Jimmy Kimmel is the funniest thing. It's nice when celebrities are able to make fun of…   Read Story »