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Dear Comedy Central and parent company MTV Networks, The internet is buzzing today about how you're slashing the budget for the not-even-officially-renewed-yet third season of The Sarah Silverman…   Read Story »
An unknown YouTube person with only one video has put together this comparison of a 2007 episode of The Sarah Silverman Program called "Face Wars," and a 2008 episode of 30 Rock called "Believe In…   Read Story »
How great was this season of The Sarah Silverman Program? I still don't loooove the singing, but the rest of the show has really come into its own in the second season. In fact, I'm going to go out…   Read Story »
There's so much to love about Sarah Silverman's appearance on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, starting with the fact that they're officially back together! And even though nothing really ever happens…   Read Story »
Late night talk show SuperGuest Amy Sedaris cheated on David Letterman last night by going on Jimmy Kimmel's show to promote her book, but mostly to do her Amy Sedaris thing. You know the drill, but…   Read Story »
Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Silverman for CBS Sunday Morning this week, introducing Sarah's controversial comedy to the kind of audience who watches CBS Sunday Morning (you know, old people.) But…   Read Story »
Amy Sedaris was on Letterman last night, and it was great as usual -- she talked about her imaginary boyfriend Ricky and showed her pet rabbit Dusty's stupid pet tricks: Notice how when she came…   Read Story »
Okay, I think I'm starting to understand David Letterman lately. In his older years, possibly inspired by what he sees going on in the world, he's trying to make more of a difference than just being…   Read Story »
The Sarah Silverman Program came back for a third season last night (but will air on Thursday nights from now on), and gosh that show is great. I was going to steal this clip off the TV set but…   Read Story »
Sarah Silverman was on The View just now to promote the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, and it was a little weird because she had very little contact with Hasselbeck and Shepherd, and…   Read Story »