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I am completely on board with this. Because on the one hand, I hate world hunger. HATE IT! I know that's not a very popular thing to say around here, where everyone is so pro-world hunger it's…   Read Story »
Some Canadian gossip website is spreading the rumor that there is a sex tape featuring Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman. Having sex. With each other. Well, there probably isn't one. Those are…   Read Story »
Well that was fast. The nominees for the Best Actress Comedy Series Emmy sitting around a table, just chattin'. Oh hai, Sarah Silverman! Oh hai, Amy Poehler. Oh hai, etc.   Read Story »
Dear You Guys, So for the past 15 months I've gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so…   Read Story »
Last night The Webby's happened. The Webbys are the awards for the best sites on the web that have to run everything they post through a team of lawyers first. And who pay the hefty entry fee to…   Read Story »
Tig Notaro, the comedian best known as Sarah Silverman's best friend, put up an interview this weekend just in time for America's love affair with Zach Galfianakis. Zach talks about his new movies…   Read Story »
Saturdays With Steve is a new weekly video "show" where Steve Agee (of The Sarah Silverman Program and being awesome) goofs off for hours with friends in front of a webcam and responds to comments in…   Read Story »
Sarah Silverman was on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday night, and their funny, revealing conversation has further complicated my already confused Bill-Maher- feelings -- I agree with most or all of…   Read Story »
In case you didn't hear, it's true: The Sarah Silverman Program is coming back for sure, thanks to a sudden influx of financial support from Comedy Central's gay-oriented sibling channel, Logo. It's…   Read Story »
It seems Comedy Central listened to us (haha, jk) and are going ahead with a season 3 after all, at least according to cast member Steve Agee's Twitter last night. Technology!   Read Story »