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The answer to the question of whether or not Tripp Palin called Willow Palin a faggot on Bristol Palin's reality show is maybe, maybe not, but it also raises so many other questions. Like: Bristol…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, HBO premiered Game Change, a movie based on the book of the same name by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which begins in 2008 at the decision to have Sarah Palin as John McCain's…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: What's up Gabe: i'm at the hospital Kelly: No way, why, what happened?!? Gabe: just kidding! Gabe: IMPROV. Kelly: OH FOR GOODNESS SAKES Kelly: You…   Read Story »
Gabe: hey Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: what's up? Kelly: Well, I have some bad news. Gabe: ok hold on Gabe disconnected. Gabe reconnected. Gabe: Keep holding. Kelly: I am holding. Gabe: i'm…   Read Story »
Celebrities wearing t-shirts of each other. The stars, they're just like us! -Celebuzz I bet David Cross is super upset that Ricky Gervais has stolen his title of Atheist Comedian. "I don't believe…   Read Story »
Videogum's World, Videogum's World, GIF time, excelleeennt. That's a new thing I'm working on. Still hammering out the details but I think it's got promise. Let me know if you have any…   Read Story »
So, someone has made a documentary about Sarah Palin. Sure! Sarah Palin is a perfectly reasonable subject for a documentary. (And if she decided to take on Steve Wiebe in a time trial to get to the…   Read Story »
I like shows about smoky backroom deals and greasy politicians hungry for power, who doesn't?! That is just a great subject for a show. So, theoretically, Kelsey Grammer's new show, Boss, on Starz,…   Read Story »
Ever since it was announced that Glenn Beck would be leaving his show at FOX News, he has been crying teasing what would be next. Would he defect to another network? Would he get his own network?…   Read Story »
After Sarah Palin's multiple Paul Revere retellings, each one stupider than the last, her supporters tried to REVISE THE WIKIPEDIA PAGE so that it made her sound right. Incredible! Now Stephen…   Read Story »