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Here are some new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, including one that is very funny but apparently a "spoiler," so I didn't chose it as the image for this post. I don't know what it could be…   Read Story »
Hey, this stinks! ("Hey, this stinks!" is a new catchphrase I'm working on developing, the start of a new catchphrase is always the rockiest part, plz stay with me.) Due to creative differences with…   Read Story »
Mark Ruffalo proves the age-old truism that it is extremely difficult to pull off the 'wrestling outfit' look. -BuzzFeedCeleb You will have to judge for yourself whether this is The Most…   Read Story »
Here is a very important photo set of Oscar nominated movie images recreated by a baby. Hang them in your museum! -Pajiba Stereogum rounded up their top ten greatest rock moments in the history of…   Read Story »
Gabe: hi kelly Kelly: Hi, Gabe Kelly: What's up Gabe: i'll tell you what's up Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen's The Dictator came out today Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it. Gabe: that…   Read Story »
The intro to the Japanese version of Saturday Night Live is very familiar looking! -Vulture Check out these cool behind-the-scenes photos from movies that you like. -Uproxx The effect that…   Read Story »
FUN FACT: Did you know that in Montreux, Switzerland, there is a statue of Freddie Mercury thrusting his fist into the air that looks out over Lake Geneva? TRUE!   Read Story »
Vulture is reporting that Sacha Baron Cohen was once a front-runner to host this year's Oscars. When you think of all the things that might have been but aren't, it can make your head spin. Isn't…   Read Story »
In retrospect, I don't think I liked Bruno overall. It was only medium funny, and it had a lot of really confusing mixed messages. But I definitely liked this scene in which he finally takes down Big…   Read Story »