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Vanity Fair has released its annual "Hollywood Issue," complete with its annual "glossy photo of famous people slinking all over each other like they are about to do it, which maybe they are,…   Read Story »
Whoa. It's crazy how they were able to make the CGI suit that he wears look just as CGI as his face. SEAMLESS! Visual technology is just really something else these days, isn't it, you guys?…   Read Story »
The first set-image of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern has appeared on-line, and I've kept it open in a window all morning, going back to look at it every few minutes for a fresh round of laffs.…   Read Story »
Buried trailer, you guys: OK, so, if you haven't already heard about it, Buried was one of the breakout films screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and it created a major bidding-war…   Read Story »
Watching Saturday Night Live on the West Coast is ridiculous. It's like watching THE PAST. Is everything like that out here? Living your life three hours behind THE ACTUAL WORLD. Just kidding, I know…   Read Story »
Oh man. I've taken a lot of shit from friends for owning the very slight cult classic stoner comedy Waiting, but even I will not be watching or buying the direct-to-DVD sequel, Still Waiting. "When…   Read Story »
The internet now has a trailer for Fireflies In The Garden, the new Julia Roberts movie that premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year but doesn't have a US release date yet, despite…   Read Story »