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It's so hard to know whom to trust these days. Like, remember when we all agreed to see The Fifth Estate together and only I went? That's when I learned that I couldn't trust you guys. That was hard…   Read Story »
Hey, remember how earlier this week we had a Videogum Movie Club about The Fifth Estate and literally no one else saw it? Hahahahah. Not ONE comment was to say that he or she had seen the movie and…   Read Story »
A million barfs isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion barfs. (That would work better if either Justin Timberlake said "bucks" instead of dollars, or if Ryan Reynolds had been in The Social…   Read Story »
Blake Lively is on the cover of this month's Lucky magazine, which first off: shout out to Lucky magazine. It's kind of amazing that Lucky magazine even still exists, right? I have not looked at it…   Read Story »
Can you guess the two celebs in these silhouette portraits? Hints: 1) These came from their wedding, 2) Their wedding also had a dessert bar. (People are losing their shit over this dessert bar.)…   Read Story »
Remember how mad Haddie was in Parenthood when Max unpacked all her clothes because he was looking for his lizard, Guacamole? "MAAAAAAAXX!!!" Hahaha. Remember how Peter Krause didn't even try to…   Read Story »
Should the perfectly normal, none-of-our-business, private life of a celebrity ever be considered "news"? Like, is it "news" when two celebrities we will never even meet break up? Is it "news" when…   Read Story »
In the endless procession of longshot casting rumors and breathless reboot news that comprises half of the Internet (the other half is "check out what these characters from a middling TV show that…   Read Story »
A thing that celebrities seem to do a lot is talk about what other celebrities people mistake them for "on the street." This always seems kind of weird to me because who would EVER go up to a person…   Read Story »
An attempted explanation of how poor old boring Ryan Reynolds has become a big star. I can answer that in eight words: Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place. Duh, hello. -Salon Warner Bros. settled…   Read Story »