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Last night, I did a show with my good friends Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman in which we debated the merits of New Hollywood vs. Old Hollywood against another team of performers made up of Dave Hill,…   Read Story »
At some sort of Hollywoodbiz get together conference, NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt "made clear that Community 'has not been cancelled" and that it will be back I guess? At least for a…   Read Story »
As you may have heard, HBO canceled Bored To Death, Hung, and How To Make It In America. They renewed Enlightened, which I watched one time, and it was bad. R.I.P. Gabe's chances of ever having a…   Read Story »
Sure! Now, let's all raise our glasses and toast to the hope that Ryan Gosling doesn't become the James Franco of 2012.   Read Story »
Well, here we are. Without any Thursday night TV gifs. Here's a good and interesting and important question: When Up All Night is in the Thursday night lineup, are we going to post gifs of that show?…   Read Story »
Joel Stein, writing for Time magazine, has declared Ryan Gosling the "Coolest Person of the Year." Good point, Joel Stein. He started awarding this incredible prize last year in reaction to the…   Read Story »
If I were to tell you that Ryan Gosling is supposedly taking ballet lessons in his spare time for no other reason than that he decided he wanted to learn how to dance ballet, you probably would just…   Read Story »
A friend of mine has a joke he says after he sees a movie, and that joke is to say to the person he's with -- "So, what do you think happens next?" Hahah. It's not like a joke you'd see a comedian…   Read Story »
The New York Times has put up a video gallery of "cinematic villainy, inspired by nefarious icons and featuring the best performers from the year in film." And IT'S GREAT! And nice to look at! And…   Read Story »
During a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Bradley Cooper addressed the controversy surrounding his "Sexiest Man Alive" title, admitting that Ryan Gosling does obviously wear pea coats…   Read Story »