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That's your kegerator. -Geekologie Oh speaking of, here is a collection of photos mixing Breaking Bad and Star Wars. I DON'T KNOW WHY. Because everything has to be mixed with everything else…   Read Story »
The movie is called How To Catch a Monster and Christina Hendricks is going to be in it and her character's name is Billy and there's an underwater town and a character named Bones and you…   Read Story »
BREAKING: Ryan Gosling does not want to impregnate any woman unless he is married to her. But Eva Mendes doesn't believe in marriage! HOW WILL THIS STORY END?!?   Read Story »
"I Love Mel" has created a Ryan Gosling coloring book where you can, they say, ""Use your felt tips to colour in Ryan Gosling driving, eating, kissing, standing, walking, and all manner of handsome…   Read Story »
You probably think Ryan Gosling is so great. Oh, he's so handsome! What a good actor! I bet he smells good! Everything about him is perfect and in his world there is no such thing as pain or…   Read Story »
You could probably imagine what the person behind the "Hey Girl" meme was thinking, but here's a whole interview with her! No more guesswork!   Read Story »
Seth Meyers is in the running to be the new Regis on Regis and Kelly, in the event of which he'd step down from the head writer position on Saturday Night Live. The world is changing all the time,…   Read Story »
It is never cool or worthwhile to speculate about the reasons that led up to a couple's divorce. First of all it is none of our business, and second of all there are things -- no matter how public…   Read Story »
It's hard to keep track of all the celebrities coming out as heros lately (like remember when Mila Kunis did, for instance?) (VERY hard to keep track), but it's important to take a moment and…   Read Story »
First I would like to thank everyone for providing and then talking about that basketball GIF last week. Great GIF. I'm so glad those games are over. Let's watch it one more time in celebration that…   Read Story »