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A Dog and an Orangutan are friends and guys it is the best thing. -BWE How to defend The Killing if you absolutely have to, other than just by crying until the other person gives up which is how I…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert has written a very thoughtful blog post about the Twitter dust up with Bam Margera and his original intentions. It is worth reading. Let's bring our boys home safe.   Read Story »
TWITTER WAR! What is it good for? PLEASE RT! So, right, so, yesterday we had the very sad news that Ryan Dunn from Jackass died in a car accident, probably caused by the heavy drinking he was seen…   Read Story »
One time I asked my friend Lindsay why everyone was so upset about a particular obituary post on the site when in theory every obituary post should have the same level of gravity and/or…   Read Story »