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You see Russia and you see cement and you see FAIL and you see a man standing under a truck and you think the worst, but then when you watch it all unfold, it's just poetry in motion, and suddenly…   Read Story »
Someone has already Photoshopped a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding the Russian meteorite. The Internet works fast. -Uproxx Harrison Ford In Talks To Reprise Role Of Han Solo -NewNowNext Feast…   Read Story »
Nope! Definitely not scary just to watch by itself, and for sure not terrifying when you know it has injured around 700 people, and it's especially dull and I guess I'd say more soothing than…   Read Story »
If you've been following the Gerard Depardieu news, read a book. Guys! You don't have to follow everything. Life is about making choices. Anyway, after the election of France's new president,…   Read Story »
Eeeeeek! How horrible! Uhhh...At least you're not in a three-day traffic jam? Something about the traffic in LA, and abou how sometimes it rains there? Something about how we all willingly enter into…   Read Story »
It kind of seemed like this whole Interent thing was winding down, and then someone installed a 170-foot long trampoline in Russia. "Bloop bloop bloop BLOOP!" That is the sound of the Internet's…   Read Story »
What? It's a party! Don't you like to have fun at the party? Put your game face on. And also your game butt and game penis. These balloons aren't going to squish themselves. Two points to the blue…   Read Story »
For years, the lower classes have enjoyed eating contests with foods such as hot dogs, pies, probably White Castle hamburgers, probably lard, etc., as members of the upper class watched from the…   Read Story »
Please do not translate anything, I have all the information I need. (Via BoingBoing.)   Read Story »
Being a kid is the worst. You can't do anything and you're always getting yelled at and there's a boy in class who smells so bad and it's like the adults don't even care and Maggie is popular but…   Read Story »